Adapting OTP for the Enterprise

Traditional barriers to adapting the only known perfect cipher are melting – and with conventional cryptographic solutions displaying new and ominous vulnerabilities, the breakthrough could not be better timed.


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En Route to Perfect Secrecy

What is OTP

The essential need-to-know about an OTP cipher: it means higherquality cryptography.

Information security in the digital era revolves around effective cryptography. The essential need-to know about an OTP cipher: it means higher-quality cryptography. Cryptography depends on secure marriages between sturdy, go-to algorithms used for encrypting data and secret keys. The algorithms are tapped widely, so the keys must carry a lot of water – more so as demand soars.
4 Pillars OTP

The four critical attributes to an OTP key are:

  • Randomness – Genuine, intrinsic randomness – that is, the OTP key contains no discernible repeating patterns.
  • Size –  A key size at least equal to that of the plaintext it’s protecting.
  • Uniqueness – The OTP key is used just one time, to encrypt one item of data, though it may be used multiple times to decrypt it.
  • Secret – The key must be kept secret. Like any encryption cipher

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