The processing power of soon-to-arrive quantum computers has raised alarm bells around the resilience of the standard cryptographic algorithms we have relied on for decades.

Considering the very real potential for quantum computing in the wrong hands to destabilize our societal infrastructure to crippling effect, the most important question for organizations regarding the privacy of their communications must be — how can data security be quantum-resistant?

The Quest for Quantum-Resistant Data Security

Status quo encryption and decryption standards have performed sufficiently well thus far in protecting our sensitive digital data, having what is termed “computational security” — imperfect, but acceptable. Cracking a typical cipher in use today would take a classical computer an unimaginable length of time, a competent shield for now, but massive quantum computing advances mean these aging systems are at increasing risk.

Countries around the world are currently competing to achieve quantum supremacy — to develop a quantum computer with the computational speed and power to solve problems no classical computer could in any feasible amount of time. Efforts in China, Russia, Germany, and the United States have produced quantum systems that can operate exponentially faster than the world’s most powerful supercomputer. Calculations that would take traditional computers billions of years to perform could be done in seconds.

This type of computational processing capability would render current cryptography useless, and its adoption on a larger scale is on the horizon. Time is of the essence for quantum-resistant data security.

Government agencies like the National Institute of Standards and Technology are recognizing the quantum threat and working to advance the state of data security with post-quantum cryptography standardization. While it is a significant initiative, these standards won’t be released until 2024, with many years required for companies to implement them at a meaningful scale, amidst an ever-evolving threat landscape.

In the meantime, there is a pressing need for a new data security solution that can overcome the vulnerabilities of current encryption in anticipation of the approaching quantum era.

Quantum-Resistant Data Security with the One Time Pad

The One Time Pad (OTP) remains the best known basis for cryptography.

OTP defuses the quantum threat with uncrackable encryption, employing single-use keys that are truly random, unique, and secret, making it the unbeatable standard for data security.

The challenge with OTP has been its impracticality for adoption at scale. A cryptographic key equal in size to the data it’s protecting is required for transmission, making file sizes in transit unwieldy, consuming a large amount of storage space and processing power.

There is a way, however, that this ultimate quantum-resistant encryption solution can be leveraged to neutralize quantum attacks (as well as non-quantum threats including advances in higher mathematics) while overcoming its inherent disadvantages.

The key is in the key — a new approach to OTP key generation that negates the need to transmit very large OTP keys from one locale to another.

Leveraging proprietary software, an advanced mathematical equation is employed to propagate truly random, high-entropy cryptographic keys at scale, provided within a symmetric solution — using private keys rather than the public ones used by today’s go-to ciphers that are so vulnerable to factorization.

And unlike emerging algorithms competing for quantum-resistance that are already proving susceptible to hacking, OTP is the only known encryption technique ever deemed to be “perfect.” Absolutely unbreakable.

Time is running out for current cryptography, but vulnerabilities in data security can be mitigated with an evolved approach to the most quantum-resistant of encryption methods, the gold standard of secrecy, the One Time Pad.

A Game-Changing Quantum-Resistant Data Security Solution

Theon Technology is transforming data security with a paradigm shift in data encryption. Theon Technology’s next generation products are focused on providing viable, revolutionary quantum-resistant encryption for both data in flight and at rest.

Rather than just expanding on existing solutions, Theon’s revolutionary approach to the data security problem begins with patented technologies that build on one another. At the foundation is TheonRNG™, our Random Number Generator, which generates higher entropy random numbers, with no repeats, ever. This irrational random number generation is the required element necessary for quantum-resistant One Time Pad encryption.

That’s where TheonEncrypt™ comes in. Theon’s TheonEncrypt™ provides an innovative way to reduce the OTP key storage and transmission overhead making it practical for deployment at enterprise scale, and across multiple use cases. What’s more, Theon’s OTP-inspired software solution can be layered over existing deployments without the need for specialized hardware.

It’s a revolution in quantum-resistant data security.


Ready to harness the advantages of quantum-resistant data security? Reach out to a Theon expert today to get started on the road to perfect secrecy. We also have free eBooks available for download, including our latest, The Big Clock, which outlines the urgency for updated cryptography with a rundown of the best quantum-resistant encryption solutions available.