Cybersecurity is fundamental for the success of any organization — and yet, today’s data encryption systems are becoming insufficient to protect sensitive information amidst rising cyber crime.

Consulting and Value Added Resellers (VARs) have an opportunity to provide new and better solutions for clients with increasing data protection requirements.

As new cyberthreats continue to emerge, VARs must commit to being proactive participants in mitigating security risks and leveraging the technologies that ensure optimal cybersecurity for sensitive client data.

Let’s look at how One Time Pad encryption is helping VARs do just that.

Why Consulting and Value Added Resellers Need to Focus on Data Security

First, what is a Value Added Reseller? A Value Added Reseller is a company that buys third-party software, hardware, and other products, and then re-sells those products at a premium with added value. This added value can take many forms such as additional features, integrations, training, hardware or software upgrades, customization, installation, consulting or design services.

VARs have adapted to provide not only value addition to products, but ongoing solutions for a client’s IT environment as well, including cybersecurity. It is imperative that sensitive client data is protected in order to keep systems up and running, avoiding costly breaches.

The problem is, cybersecurity requirements are changing with increased connectivity, data volumes, and cyber attacks that are growing in intensity and sophistication. In fact, cybercrime is up 600% since the start of the pandemic.

In addition, the imminent onset of quantum computing threatens to render the current public key cryptography systems we depend on all but useless.

More robust cryptography is needed, and the universally recognized gold standard — One Time Pad encryption — is offering a solution.

One Time Pad Encryption — a Viable Solution

The One Time Pad (OTP) is the only known perfect cypher — utterly unbreakable. The One Time Pad leverages a single-use high-quality key plus a reversible algorithm to encrypt cleartext data into cipher text.

Previously considered impractical for enterprise use due to the need for a key size equal to that of the data it’s securing, the One Time Pad has since evolved — VARs now have access to cryptography solutions that preserve the inherent advantages of OTP while eliminating the biggest obstacle to its adoption.

A VARs clients might have millions of giant files in need of protection — when this sensitive data is in motion, with OTP encryption the key must be transmitted along with it, which has proven to be unwieldy. Add to that the problem of random number generators (RNGs) used to create keys being vulnerable due to buried patterns that can be uncovered with enough computing power.

But there is a new methodology for OTP key generation that negates the need to transmit impractically large-size OTP keys from one locale to another.

Instead, a pair of shared short secrets, relatively small parcels of data, is used at each end of the transaction to generate identical OTP keys independently — a key to the key, created with the help of advanced random number generator technology that generates a secret, irrational, high-entropy number that cannot be factored. Secure key exchange methods ensure the OTP short secrets are well protected. Finally, authorized parties at both ends of a data-sharing transaction are then able to use the data to reconstitute the full OTP.

Thanks to these advances, key-management difficulties and implementation challenges in One Time Pad encryption are now a thing of the past.

With this new generation of commercially viable OTP, Value Added Resellers are in a position to support their clients in adapting to the increased cybersecurity risks inherent in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Understanding the nature of cyberthreats and incorporating the best products and solutions to protect against them can demonstrate a VAR’s commitment to ensuring they are well-equipped to meet their client’s current and future data security needs.

Better Cybersecurity for your Sensitive Client Data

VARs can maximize cybersecurity for their clients with the right encryption solutions — Theon Technology is transforming data security with a paradigm shift in data encryption. Our SaaS utilizes quantum-resistant patented algorithms that deliver on the promise of a truly scalable, commercially viable, enterprise ready, One Time Pad inspired security without the need for specialized hardware.

Theon Technology’s TheonEncrypt™ has a unique approach that finally enables commercial viability of OTP encryption for both data at-rest and in-flight by providing an innovative way to reduce the OTP key storage and transmission overhead. And, because Theon is a software approach, it drives flexibility across deployment models for a wide range of solutions in almost every industry and use case.

Whether it be for consulting and VARs protecting years of sensitive client data, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) looking to secure edge and data from sensors, enterprises looking to enhance security for critical data assets, or intelligence agencies using OTP that need a scalable solution — Theon’s privacy suite provides secure services and technology for the most discerning and demanding privacy customers.


Take the first step toward perfect secrecy for your organization — Reach out to a Theon expert today to start better protecting your sensitive data with true One Time Pad encryption. We also have free eBooks available for download, including our OTP primer, OTP for the Digital Enterprise.