Quantum–proof encryption

Innovation on the Journey to
Perfect Information Security

Theon Technology® delivers the highest level of digital encryption that is practical for widespread enterprise deployment. 

Data Security that’s Quantum-Resistant

Theon Technology is a pioneer leading the paradigm shift on the road to perfect secrecy. Our SaaS utilizes quantum-resistant patented algorithms that deliver on the promise of a truly scalable, commercially viable, enterprise ready, One Time Pad inspired security without the need for specialized hardware.

New Advancements in Mathematics

Computing advances have led to more advanced math


Set new standard for cryptography

Solving for scale and performance


Next Generation ECDH

As the key exchange protocol


High Entropy Random Numbers

Setting a new standard for unique randomness


Theon is Game-Changing Data Security 

With secrecy and privacy mission-critical, it’s imperative to protect against the threat of data exposure. But as technology moves forward, so do the threats to our data. Soon, widely available quantum computers will quickly pierce today’s strongest cryptography. Counter-measures must advance in parallel to achieve a paradigm shift on the road to perfect secrecy.

Theon’s patented methodologies help protect against the impending quantum compute threats with a focus on data sovereignty, data security, and data compression, providing a software approach supporting multiple deployment models. Our products Archimedes — Theon’s Random Number Generator — and Hypatia — put us on the road to delivering, for the first time, a commercially viable One Time Pad (OTP) at enterprise scale.

A One Time Pad (OTP) is universally recognized as the gold-standard of cryptography

A One Time Pad (OTP) is universally recognized as the gold-standard of cryptography

Protecting the World’s Most Valuable Resource

Data is now the most valuable resource on the planet. But it’s security relies on one weak link: random number generation. The current generation of random number generators generate numbers with predictable submerged patterns, leaving users — most of the planet — vulnerable to decoding algorithms.

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The Big Clock

Established decryption technologies, the brains and hearts of current-era cryptography, are up against an ominous triple witching hour: gradual obsolescence, quantum computing, and alarming corporate complacency. Time is running out for the old order. Will the world make needed changes while there’s still time?

Archimedes—Theon’s RNG

Archimedes is the foundation of true security. It’s Theon’s Random Number Generator, which generates higher entropy random numbers, with no repeats, ever. This irrational random number generation provides quantum-resistant One Time Pad inspired encryption. Partial Key Distribution ensures secure key delivery, and our Secrets Manager allows for superior Key Management. Read more →

Hypatia—Encryption Solutions

Theon Technology’s patented Hypatia is One Time Pad inspired encryption that is commercially viable now. Hypatia reduces the OTP key storage and transmission overhead, making secure keys practical for deployment across multiple use cases. Hypatia’s unique approach finally enables commercial viability of quantum-proof encryption for both data at-rest and in-flight. And, because Theon is a software approach, it drives flexibility across deployment models for a wide range of solutions in almost every industry and use case.  Read more →

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OTP for the Digital Enterprise

Traditional barriers to adopting the only known perfect cipher are melting – and with conventional cryptographic solutions displaying new and ominous vulnerabilities, the breakthrough could not be better timed.

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