The Secure Enterprise Communication Handbook

Everything you need to know about securing your communications. Most importantly, we cover how you can implement more secure communications in your organization. Explore topics such as communication channels, elements of secure communications, private vs. business communications, regulatory acts, privacy vs. security, quantum computing, and more!

Cryptography’s End

Download the eBook on the end of cryptography as we know it


Random Acts of Secrecy

Download the ebook and learn how entropy will shape the future of security


Adapting OTP for Enterprise

Download the ebook and learn the essential need-to-know about an OTP cipher.


The Big Clock

Time is running out for the old order of cryptography. Download the ebook.


Protecting the World’s Most Valuable Resource

Data is now the most valuable resource on the planet. But it’s security relies on one weak link: random number generation. The current generation of random number generators generate numbers with predictable submerged patterns, leaving users — most of the planet — vulnerable to decoding algorithms.

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