Present day, public-key cryptography using conventional algorithms such as RSA is generally thought of as sufficient when it comes to protecting our sensitive information — but the arrival of a viable quantum computer in the near future will change all that, rendering today’s encryption systems vulnerable to attack.

The serious threat to current cryptography posed by quantum computing is becoming more recognized as increasing numbers of companies are creating products and solutions to protect against it.

Let’s dive into how SaaS security solutions using quantum-resistant algorithms are helping businesses prepare to withstand the security risks of the impending quantum era.

Quantum-Resistant Algorithms and SaaS Solutions to the Quantum Threat

While the quantum computing timeline is uncertain, making the threat seem remote to some, experts warn that cyber adversaries are already storing data until such time as the power and speed of a quantum computer enables them to decrypt the encryption standards currently protecting it. Sooner rather than later, new algorithms must replace the old. Staying ahead of the curve has become urgent.

In an effort to do just that, the U.S National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) launched a post-quantum cryptography standardization initiative in 2016, resulting in its announcement in July of four quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms, with standardization to be established by 2024.

These four quantum-resistant algorithms represent the future direction of data encryption, and a considerable, critical increase in the security of our digital information.

Ahead of the release of the post-quantum cryptography standard by NIST, companies are being encouraged to prepare their systems for the change, taking inventory of existing vulnerabilities due to public-key encryption that will ultimately need to be replaced.

An industry of post-quantum cryptography solutions is emerging to address this inevitable migration, with the support of NIST.

Providers are offering SaaS security solutions that use quantum-resistant algorithms to overcome the vulnerabilities inherent in current encryption algorithms like RSA, while pre-empting future quantum threats.

These SaaS security solutions allow companies to continue to use classical cryptography solutions whilst beginning to integrate quantum-resistant algorithms — a great way for businesses to practice “crypto-agility,” in order to avoid sudden, complicated and potentially costly transitions down the line.

SaaS quantum-resistant security solutions can be cloud-delivered in software, and easily integrated into existing deployments, eliminating the need to tear out an established security infrastructure. SaaS security solutions also provide key flexibility — once the NIST standard is released, and as future quantum-resistant algorithms become available, they can be easily accommodated and incorporated.

The most quantum-resistant of all algorithms, the One Time Pad (OTP), used within a SaaS security solution, provides the best basis for better cryptography ahead of the quantum era. When properly executed, with single-use keys that are genuinely random, unique, and secret, OTP neutralizes generalized quantum threats and enables uncrackable encryption.

OTP comes with historical limitations, but new solutions are arriving on the scene that alleviate these while leveraging the natural advantages that account for why OTP is still widely regarded as the only perfect cipher.

The bottom line is, the quantum-era threat landscape is real. Current cryptography’s days are numbered. Complacency is no longer an option. Businesses would do well to seek out SaaS security solutions that provide next-generation, quantum-resistant data security, allowing them to become “crypto-agile” as they map out a successful quantum migration path.

A Game-Changing, Quantum-Resistant Data Security Solution

Theon Technology is helping businesses stay ahead of the quantum curve, providing a software-based cryptography solution that doesn’t demand massive computing power, and a system that is easy-to-integrate at both the client side and server levels.

Theon employs an advanced mathematical equation to propagate truly random, high-entropy cryptographic keys at scale. We’ve innovated a breakthrough key creation and storage solution that addresses the biggest issue with OTP: unwieldy key size. This approach to OTP key generation means very large OTP keys need not be transmitted from one locale to another. It’s provided within a symmetric solution – using private keys, not public ones – that leverages proprietary software.

Preserving the inherent advantages of the OTP model while eliminating the biggest obstacle to adoption is a momentous, fateful step on the road toward perfect secrecy.

The threat landscape has evolved, but now, so has OTP feasibility. The best is now within reach.


Prepare for the cybersecurity risks of tomorrow, today — Contact a Theon expert to find out how you can update your organization’s defenses with the best in quantum-resistant data encryption. We also have free eBooks available for download, including The Big Clock, which preps you with an understanding of why the transition to quantum-resistant cryptography is so pressing for the future of data security.