TheonSDK™: Your Data Needs Better Security

Theon has been working for more than a decade to generate a next-generation solution to the issues. Now Theon delivers enterprise-ready TheonSDK™ tools for quantum-resistant encryption tools . Our patented methodologies help protect against the impending quantum compute threats with a focus on data sovereignty, data security, and data compression, providing a software approach supporting multiple deployment models, and a product that delivers true One Time Pad (OTP) encryption at enterprise scale.

“True” secure communication is needed now more than ever as data volumes continue to explode globally and major data security issues are looming. Yet the best possible solution has previously never been realized.

The One Time Pad (OTP) methodology — universally recognized as the gold-standard of cryptography — is the only mathematically proven, unconditionally secure symmetric encryption algorithm. However, legacy methods of this encryption cipher have remained impractical for commercial adoption as they require the use of a large private key at least the same size as the data being encrypted.

The current solutions are founded upon mathematics that has reached its limit.

The TheonSDK™ software/library/technology provides secure services and technology for the most discerning and demanding privacy customers: from enterprises looking to enhance security for critical data assets, to consulting and VARs (Value-Added Resellers) protecting years of sensitive client data, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) looking to secure edge and data from sensors, and intelligence agencies using OTP that need a scalable solution.

The data security revolution starts now, with Theon.


The data security revolution starts now, with Theon.


TheonRNG™ Random Number Generator is the foundation of true security, It generates higher entropy random numbers, with no repeats, ever. This irrational random number generation provides quantum-resistant One Time Pad inspired encryption. Partial Key Distribution ensures secure key delivery, and our Secrets Manager allows for superior Key Management. Finally, Secure Geometric Compression delivers our revolutionary OTP inspired encryption at a fraction of usual data requirements

Rather than just expanding on existing solutions, Theon’s revolutionary approach to the data security problem begins with patented technologies that build on one another. The TheonRNG’s™ random number, then, serves as the basis for TheonEncrypt™ encryption and beyond on our journey to perfect information security.


Theon’s patented TheonEncrypt™ One Time Pad inspired encryption is now commercially viable. TheonEncrypt™ encryption reduces the OTP key storage and transmission overhead, making secure keys practical for deployment across multiple use cases.

We solve the age-old problem of the massive key size inherent with traditional OTP through our unique Random Number Generator (TheonRNG™) and geometric math algorithms which drive the creation of pattern-less, non-repeating secret keys.

TheonEncrypt™ encryption offers a unique approach that finally enables commercial viability of quantum-proof encryption for both data at-rest and in-flight. And, because TheonEncrypt™ is a software approach, it drives flexibility across deployment models for a wide range of solutions in almost every industry and use case.

The TheonEncrypt™ software library is a game changing, with a road map that will set new standards for establishing highly scalable random number generation and deliver for the first time, a commercially viable One Time Pad (OTP) inspired encryption. Theon Technology’s TheonEncrypt™ encryption provides an innovative way to reduce the OTP key transmission overhead making it practical for deployment across multiple use cases.


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