“The Secure Enterprise Communication Handbook” provides a comprehensive guide for organizations to improve communication security and privacy. It covers the latest trends in encryption, random number generation and OTP-inspired security. It also addresses the challenges of implementing security in a business environment and the importance of protecting endpoints, networks, communication channels, and access controls.

Moreover, this handbook also covers the complex regulatory environment for private sector communications and the severe consequences of a security failure. It helps organizations understand the difference between privacy and security, and how to balance them.

In today’s digital age, organizations must have secure digital communication to protect confidential information and maintain the integrity, authenticity, and availability of communication channels. However, with the increasing use of various communication channels such as email, instant messaging, video conferencing, cloud-based storage, and social media, it can be challenging to ensure secure communication.

For organizations that want to improve their digital communication security, the “The Secure Enterprise Communication Handbook” is a must-have resource that provides practical and actionable advice. It is a comprehensive guide that provides valuable insights on how to secure digital communication in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing digital environment. Download “The Secure Enterprise Communication Handbook” here >