The security of communications is essential for any enterprise in the digital era, but “true” secure communication is becoming increasingly challenging as enterprises face a growing number of cybersecurity risks.

Many businesses continue to operate with outdated or inadequate levels of security despite these risks, but enterprise security experts warn that a lack of urgency around secure communications leaves enterprises vulnerable to potentially devastating attacks, both today and in the future.

Understanding secure communications is critical for the enterprise to survive and thrive as the complexity of the cyberthreat landscape continues to evolve.

Understanding Secure Communications in Enterprise Environments

The upheaval in recent years has led to a rise in cyberattacks; cybercriminals are taking advantage of the uncertainty as more and more business is being conducted online. Add to that the increasingly sophisticated level of attacks and advances in higher maths undermining time-honored cryptography solutions — breaches are becoming more frequent, and more costly for businesses.

According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach report, the global average cost of a data breach has climbed to $4.35 million in 2022. The average cost in the United States is a whopping $9.44 million. These are sobering statistics for any enterprise. And for 83% of companies, the occurrence of a data breach is not a matter of “if” but “when.”

The likelihood of a data breach rises exponentially without optimal tools in place to achieve true secure communications.

This is especially critical in an enterprise environment, where technology is central, and the storing and transmission of data fundamental to supporting business functioning and success.

Enterprise environments are undergoing substantial growth and increased complexity as they navigate a digital transformation. The total global volume of sensitive digital information is expanding exponentially, with the digital files in need of protection growing bigger and more complex all the time. Businesses are needing to adapt to a fast-changing global market that includes cloud-based work environments, and threat actors are adept at exploiting these shifts.

The traditional cryptography we have depended on has become ill-suited in today’s enterprise environments. An organization aiming for secure communications in 2022 needs to protect far more data, more urgently, than ever before, and this requires reassessing old encryption solutions.

A next-generation encryption solution must be more secure, built to handle not only today’s data volumes and system complexity but to anticipate those of the future.

An effective enterprise secure communications solution is also one that excels where current cryptography falls short. Case in point — too often, random number generators, the foundation of true secure communication, generate numbers that contain hidden patterns, making encryption vulnerable to cracking if those patterns are uncovered by malicious actors. The imminent arrival of quantum computing only exacerbates this threat.

Secure communications requires recognizing the magnitude of threats now and in the future, and putting a spotlight on enterprise security. Failures to make cybersecurity a boardroom priority can mean best enterprise security practices aren’t adhered to, making matters worse: security departments that are short-staffed, security software applied haphazardly, cryptographic keys stored up against the data they’re protecting — sometimes organizations are their own worst enemies when it comes to establishing true secure communications.

The good news is, it’s never too late to prioritize enterprise security. While it can be daunting to assess a host of problems and solutions and “what if” scenarios, it’s crucial to keep those aforementioned sobering stats in mind, and to increase awareness around the urgent need for a shift in cryptography. Taking preventative steps to bolster enterprise security now will save time, money, and potentially disastrous ramifications in the future.

A New Standard for True Secure Communications

“True” secure communication is needed now more than ever as data volumes continue to explode globally and major data security issues are looming. Yet the best possible solution has previously never been realized.

Theon Technology has been working for more than a decade to generate a next-generation encryption solution. Our patented methodologies help protect against current issues and impending quantum threats with a focus on data sovereignty, data security, and data compression, providing a software approach supporting multiple deployment models, and a product that delivers true One Time Pad (OTP) encryption at enterprise scale.

Theon is driving a paradigm shift in random number generation and OTP that more than answers the escalating demands of enterprise security environments.

Our Random Number Generator generates higher-entropy random numbers, with no repeats, ever.

Our One Time Pad encryption solution reduces OTP key storage and transmission overhead, preserving the inherent advantages of the OTP model while eliminating the biggest obstacle to adoption.

Why not the best cybersecurity for the enterprise? The threat landscape has evolved, but now, so has OTP feasibility. The best is now within reach.


Ensure the true security of your enterprise’s communications — Contact a Theon expert today to get started on the road to perfect secrecy. We also have free eBooks available for download, including our latest, The Big Clock, which outlines the urgency for updated cryptography with a rundown of the best quantum-resistant encryption solutions available.