If 2022 has taught organizations anything, it’s that it’s perilous to make information security an afterthought. Data breaches are becoming more and more frequent, causing companies serious financial repercussions, fines from regulators, and damage to brand reputations.

A robust cybersecurity strategy needs to be a top business priority in 2023, and what has previously been considered “good enough” will no longer hold up in today’s evolving cybersecurity landscape. Let’s take a look at what the road to perfect security looks like for organizations in 2023.

Data Security in 2023 — The Road Ahead

2022 saw a notable increase in cyberattacks and breaches, rising 42% globally by mid-year. This trend shows no signs of stopping in 2023, but there are ways organizations can reduce impact, and it starts with awareness.

On the road to perfect information security this year and beyond, there are a number of cybersecurity areas of focus for executives to pay attention to — here are a few of the most important:

A Complex Regulatory Environment

There are a variety of regulatory acts that affect company communications across a range of industries, and it can be easy to overlook which ones need adhering to, especially those overseas that can also apply to US-based companies, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the recently approved Network and Information Systems (NIS2) Directive. Organizations will be under more pressure to focus on cyber risk management, ensuring employees are up-to-date and following the latest guidelines and policies. Failure to comply with relevant regulations can not only result in monetary penalties, but legal consequences as well, making it crucial for companies to develop a cohesive and comprehensive communication strategy while navigating today’s complex regulatory environment.

Evolving Technology

 The threat landscape is expanding. The number of IoT devices outnumbers humans exponentially, and we are interacting with more of these devices, more frequently, all the time. This growth is expected to continue in 2023, and these interactions need to be secured, as they pose a significantly increased cybersecurity risk for organizations. Unfortunately, other technologies continue to develop that add to the threat, in the realm of IoT and beyond; advancing mathematical algorithms, generative AI, machine learning, quantum computing — all have the potential to allow attackers to access data protected by conventional encryption that was previously considered secure.

Organizations should begin preparing by assessing security protocols and updating encryption methods across all communication channels.

Better Random Number Generation, Better Encryption

 Organizations in 2023 will need to implement the best available security tools as the threat landscape demands higher standards of encryption. Most software encryption algorithms today feature subtle repeating patterns that are detectable by cybercriminals. Better security requires better random numbers, from more sophisticated mathematical algorithms.

Secure software tools have become available that offer advanced data security, including higher entropy random numbers, and encryption based on the one-time pad (OTP). One-time pad-inspired encryption delivers the unbreakable advantages of OTP, the “Holy Grail” of ciphers, while solving for the limitations that have previously made it impractical for enterprise adoption.

As technology progresses, 2048-bit keys for today’s commonly-used RSA encryption are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attack. The key used to encrypt and decrypt data needs to be longer to be more secure — at least the same length as the data it’s protecting, as is the case with an OTP key. One-time pad-inspired encryption reduces OTP key transmission overhead to create a scalable security solution, one that provides superior data protection as compared to the weakening cryptographic methods we’ve relied on for decades.

The cyber threat landscape is changing, and encryption solutions must change with it.

The road to perfect security in 2023 begins with awareness, and continues with building a secure communication strategy that accounts for today’s cyber realities.

Partnering with organizations that have experience in advanced encryption and true random number generation is an important action step to consider when building this defense strategy, a step that will certainly amount to a higher level of protection against the myriad of cyber risks proliferating every day.

Innovation on the Journey to Perfect Information Security

Every journey is made easier with the right partner.

Theon Technology is a pioneer leading the paradigm shift on the road to perfect secrecy. We utilize patented, quantum-resistant algorithms to provide a truly scalable, commercially viable, enterprise ready, one-time pad inspired security solution without the need for specialized hardware.

The TheonSDK™ Software Development Toolkit offers innovative encryption tools for developers to integrate into their applications: TheonRNG™ is our Random Number Generator, which provides higher entropy random numbers without any hidden patterns, ever. TheonEncrypt™ delivers one-time pad-inspired encryption with reduced OTP key storage and transmission overhead, making it practical for deployment across multiple use cases.


Get a head start on the road to perfect security in 2023 — Contact a Theon expert to find out more about our one-time pad-inspired encryption solution for the enterprise. We also have free eBooks available for download, including our latest, The Secure Enterprise Communication Handbook, which offers an overview of everything decision makers need to know to prepare a secure communication strategy.